The 4th Cybersecurity Data Mining Competition (CDMC2013)

The purpose of the 4th Cybersecurity Data Mining Competition is to increase awareness of Cybersecurity and the potential of industrial applications, and to give young researchers exposure to the main issues related to the topic and to ongoing work in this area. The focus of this competition is on string sequences analysis towards application of knowledge discovery techniques for protecting personal computer information by means of detection, prevention, and response to various attacks.

The competition is associated with the 6th International Workshop on Data Mining and Cybersecurity (DMC2013), which is an associated event to the 20th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2013), Daegu, Korea, November 3 - 7, 2013. However, the entry is open to anyone who would like to register. The proceedings of the competition is planned to be published in a special issue of journal—details of this to be determined. To get involved in or get more information about the CDMC2013, please see competition rules and procedures.